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Kitap   Cinius   Anlatı    Yasemin Eğinlioğlu   Jazzy State of Mind

Jazzy State of Mind  

Yasemin Eğinlioğlu
Etiket: 15,00 TL
NetKitap Ederi: 9,00 TL
telefondan alışveriş 200688

Yayinevi/DiziYayinevi: Cinius
Baskı Tarih: Haziran 2017
Sayfa: 208
Indirim: %40

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Kitap Hakında
Yazarla Tanışma
Ürün Ayrıntısı
Yayinevi: Cinius
Dizi: Anlatı

Baskı Tarih: Haziran 2017

Sayfa: 208

İndirim: %40

Boyut: 13x19,5 cm

Hamur: 2

Etiket: 15,00 TL

NetKitap Ederi: 9,00 TL

Arka Kapak
“Man falls into the weakness of just hoping. Life touches the wound inside us. We have turned into
individuals who destroy our own and everyone else’s values.We are alienating ourselves in our
loneliness. In such an age, writing has become my greatest strength to endure and to change…”
Yasemin Eginlioglu, while the echoes of her books “Madness of the Deep” and “Every Angel has its
Demon” still continue, meets her readers this time with a narration. She looks at the jazzy states of
the mind and life in this book put together from her views on eyes, routines and rituals, loneliness,
moments and memories, writing and living. The writer who says “My entire existence is the reason
for my loneliness”, uses an exhilarated and genuine language to bravely and honestly open the
secrets of being oneself and living life with love despite everything.